Curv® Advantage
Technical Analysis
Using Curv®


The Material Advantage

Weight Saving - Curv®s low density, combined with good mechanical properties, allows the potential for significant weight saving over an equivalent glass reinforced part. Design studies suggest 50% weight savings are possible for the same mechanical stiffness through careful attention to design details.

100% PP - Curv® is 100% polypropylene. Independent life cycle studies demonstrate that 100% polypropylene composites offer significant environmental advantages over alternative fibre reinforced materials.

Contains No Glass - Curv® is gentle on moulds and cutting tools, it is easy to handle in the workplace and causes none of the irritation associated with materials containing glass fibres. Finished surfaces are smooth and hardwearing and products can be used without additional coatings.

Thermoformable - Curv®s thermoforming characteristics enable parts to be produced using low pressure, low cost tooling at modest temperatures. Significant reductions can be achieved in both capital equipment and energy usage compared to thermoforming alternative fibre reinforced thermoplastics.

High Impact Strength - Curv®s unique internal construction results in a material with exceptionally high resistance to impact. All the more remarkable is that the colder it gets, the tougher Curv® becomes, providing maximum protection when other materials become easily broken.

Inert - Curv® is 100% polypropylene, a material widely recognised as being non-toxic and highly resistant to corrosion. It passes major motor manufacturer’s tests for resistance to hydraulic fluids and fuels, washer fluid, etc.

Resistant To Abrasion - Curv®s toughened structure results in a very high level of abrasion resistance which out-performs conventional thermoplastics and fibre reinforced composites. It is easily cleaned and additional surface protection is not needed.


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