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Curv®s unique self reinforced structure creates a bridge between isotropic polymers and fibre reinforced composites. This results in a balance of properties that combine lightweight and versatility with good mechanical performance and excellent impact strength – a feature which is maintained even at very low temperatures. Furthermore, when Curv®s low density is taken into account its mechanical properties seem all the more remarkable.

Curv® technical data: Curv® - Type C100A
Product: Polypropylene/Polypropylene Thermoformable Composite

Technical Properties

Tensile Modulus DIN EN ISO 527 4200 N/mm2
Tensile Strength DIN EN ISO 527 120 N/mm2
Charpy Impact [ 20C, 4 J] DIN EN ISO 179 *nb kJ/m
Charpy Impact [-40C, 4 J] DIN EN ISO 179 *nb kJ/m
Vicat Softening Temperature [50K/h] DIN EN ISO 306 175 C
*nb: no break

Sheet Dimensions

Thickness 0.35 - 2.95 mm
Available Width Up to 1360 mm
Standard Lengths Any length up to 3 meters thinner material available on roll
Colour Standard – black
other colours subject to minimum volume

for further information download our detailed data sheets

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