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A New Generation Thermoplastic Composite

Curv® is an outstanding new material that combines the versatility of a 100% thermoplastic with the high performance of a fibre reinforced composite.

Curv® captures the exceptional mechanical properties of highly oriented polypropylene tapes in a self-reinforced polypropylene matrix. High stiffness, high tensile strength and outstanding impact resistance provide the opportunity to make parts with unprecedented properties in a 100% PP thermoplastic.

The Technology Behind Curv®

In a unique and patented process, highly drawn thermoplastic tapes are heat treated to selectively melt every surface. The melted material bonds the tapes together to give a single material type with molecular continuity between phases. In short, the material properties are enhanced through molecular orientation, resulting in "self reinforcement".

Hot Compaction Technologie

How Curv® is Made

Curv® is a thermoplastic composite in which highly drawn polypropylene tapes are bonded together in a matrix of the same material. Not surprisingly, the process begins with the manufacture of the tapes from an extruded polypropylene film. The drawing, or stretching process is what gives the tapes their exceptionally high stiffness and strength. The next stage of the process is to weave the tapes into fabric which eases handling and gives complete balance to the end product.

The final part of the process feeds fabric into a specially designed double belt press equipped with precise control of temperature and pressure. Here the surface of every tape is partially melted to create a matrix to bond the tapes into a totally new structure. After cooling the consolidated sheet is slit to the required width, cut to length or rolled according to customer needs.

Tailor made solutions

The highly controllable yet flexible production line allows the incorporation of additional materials during the manufacture of Curv® to create hybrids with special properties. Examples include a core of glass reinforced polypropylene to give extra stiffness without sacrificing impact properties and surface finish, high performance fabrics with special anti-ballistic properties, textured surfaces and surface films to promote adhesion or painting, etc. The production line may also be used for the toll manufacture of other materials where precise control of temperature is required. Please contact us to discuss requirements.

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